One Day trip in Korat


After 3 months lockdown during COVID-19 situation, it’s time to travel again. We start our first trip in Korat where I stay and work here for 3 years now. Nakhon Ratchasima is one of the four major cities of northeastern, Thailand. The city is commonly known as “Korat”. It is the gateway to Isan and has many interesting attractions. If you want to visit Korat but have only one day, let see where you can explore.

Wat Salaloi

This interesting temple was said to be founded by local heroine Thao Suranari and her husband in 1827. Half of her ashes are interred in a small stupa  and the other half are at her monument. The temple’s award-winning ordination hall was built in 1967.  It holds a large gleaming-white Buddha image in ‘calming the ocean’ posture. There are many religious statues and artworks of cultural interest and beauty.

Moreover, there is recreation space with waterfall and beautiful Thai painting.

Thao Suranari Monument 

Thao Suranaree Monument was built in 1934.  It is considered as the first memorial monument of female common person of Thailand and the symbol of Nakhon Ratchasima. Thao Suranaree or Ya Mo (Grandma Mo), as she’s affectionately called, became a hero in 1826 by leading the villagers to get rid of the laos invader.

Airplane Park

The another prominent landmark of Korat, is the large Boeing 747 plane, which has been decommissioned on an area of over 100 rai. If anyone passes past the entrance to Suranaree University of Technology, Gate 1- 2 Must not miss. Visit, take a photo, play or .. can come to sit, sip coffee, see the plane!

Hun Lek Korat

It’s a tourist attraction that used scrap metal to transform into a cool and stylish robot. On the side of Mittraphap road or where you can see a giant dragon is a coffee shop named “Dragon coffee”. It opens from 6.00AM to 6.00PM. There are many robots in the graden to walk around, visit, and take a few photos.

Wat Luang Phor To

This temple known as “Wat Sorapong” that Mr. Sorapong Chatree, the well-known Thai actor, was created by the power of faith. The exterior of the main temple is stunning. The interior is fairly underwhelming and mainly features a large statue of Somdet Phra Buddhacarya (To Brahmaramsi). The temple grounds are very nice and quite large. You can easily spend an hour here. Take your time and enjoy the atmosphere. It’s nice to visit a large beautiful temple in Thailand without hoards of foreign tourists.

Windmill at Khao Yai Thiang

It’s the most recommended to visit near sunset time. This place is full of wind turbines. Along the mountains for many kilometers, there is a large reservoir used for resting in the upper part of the Lam Takhong power plant. You can bike, breathe fresh air and see magnificent view of Lumtakong Dam from here. It’s daily open from 6.00 AM to 6.000 PM.

About 3 and half hours drive from Bangkok, you can stop by, relax and take photos at least 6 interesting places here. I hope that this trip will help you decide to visit Korat. See you next time!


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