Nakhon Sawan – The Heaven City for Street Food


I will bring you to taste local street food in #Chumsaeng, an old commercial district in #NakhonSawan. Let’s follow me! 🍲🍛🍽

“Chumsaeng”, a small district in #NakhonSawan, a province in Central Thailand, is a location for a famous TV Series #KrongKam (Cage of Karma). In the past, Chumsaeng is a lively commercial community by Nan river as it was the centre of transportation, both via waterway and railway. Later, when roads were built, waterway and railway transportations became less popular, so was the community. Nowadays, this is a local community where visitors can learn about the past and experience slow life.

You can find everywhere in Chumsaeng Old Market – Beef, Pork, or Fish. Tofu Balls are a must-try as well.

Pop-up Gallery that is a collection of Art pieces and old photos from Chumsaeng, an over 100-year old community. In front, there is a body-sized print-out of ‘A-sa’, a main character in the famous TV Series, Krongkam. 

Salty Crisps. A must-try local snack. Fried flour with spices like coriander roots, garlics, and pepper.

Fried Garlic Chives


Pink Noodles

Stewed Duck, Stewed Pork

Pork Ball Noodles

Local Grocery Store

General atmosphere at the old market. 

State Railway of Thailand office – Chumsaeng Station

Chumsaeng Railway Station

Asava Rungreong Panich. Main location in the TV Series.

Photo Spot for Visitors

Renu Alley. A location of an important scene in the TV Series, Kongkam.

Old town Chumsaeng consists of several old wooden houses where Chinese-Thai families have lived for generations.

You can still find many old wooden buildings in Chumsaeng.

Fresh market in Chumsaeng.

Display of art pieces for visitors. 

Old photos of Chumsaeng are displayed in Chumsaeng Gallery.

Chao Po Chao Pae Chumsaeng Shrine. Visitors normally pay a respect and ask for blessings here. 

Local students in a performance to welcome visitors.

Nakhon Sawan is not only a junction where people stop on the way between Bangkok and Northern Thailand, but it has many things to offer. This is where you can witness a lot of Chinese-Thai heritages and experience local delicacies. Hey! Asean team would recommend you to visit this province in central Thailand.

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