Hey!Taiwan: Cing Jing -Why you have to go?


Now I am in Taiwan already. This is my first time after many years and then we took MRT from bus station to Taoyuan train station and we took speed train to here is called ‘Taichung Station’. I have friends will pick me up and bring us to the beautiful farm called ‘Cing Jing’.

Juilie’s Garden

This is my friend’s mom own cozy place. I stay here with warm welcome and enjoy magnificent view from my room corridor.

Qing Jing Farm

 There are many sheep, skywalk, and tea plantation.

NINA Chocolate Factory

I have many warm welcome by many new friends who work in hospitality industry. Cing Jing has such a lot variety of accommodations but the sure thing is you can get amazing view from where you stay.

Sun Shine Vacation Villa

Brilliant Twins of Seattle

The Old England Manor

Star Villa

Fendan Villa

Florence Resort Villa

Sunrise tour

This morning we left hotel very early at 4.40 A.M. because we want to catch the sunrise at Hehuan Chang mountain which is one of the highest peaks in Taiwan.

Taroko National Park, Hualien


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