Hey!Taiwan: Taipei-2 Full days


Welcome to Taipei. This is my first time back here after many years. My local friends; David and Ruby recommended that we started Taipei tour by wondering around

Cementing Historic District

Let start at Taipei Old North Gate (Beimen), Taipei Futai  Street Mansion, Cinema Street, American Street, and Lungshan Temple

Wonstar Hotel

I’m glad my friend told me about Wonstar Hotel because the room are  very new and clean. Its location is also perfect so easy for us to reach popular attractions; shop, restaurant and street food.

Taipei Station

 We’re going to take a double-decker today around.

Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall

There are many shopping district or night market in Taipei. 

Ximending Shopping District, Huaxi street night market, Guangzhou street night market , and Shilin night market which is so exciting and lively. How many days a week are they opened? They open everyday.

There are many recommended menus here

such as Local Dessert: Frog Egg, Braised Pork Rice (Lu Rou Fan), Oyster Pancake, and Squid Soup.

Flour-Rice noodle

We walked along way to Ay-Chung Flour-Rice Noodle since 1975 but I saw the queue is very long.

Must-Drink if you are here; Taiwanese Milk Tea (Bubble Tea)

Taipei has various options for transportation.

You can take a taxi, walk around, take a bus, rent a bike or take a MRT or subway. All are convenient.

Taipei 101

Now come to the highlight of district ‘Taipei 101’; a landmark of modern capital city. Exactly 37 seconds to the top floor.


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