Baan Khanitha Thai Cuisine since 1993

I have known Baan Khanitha for a long time. Not only their Thai food are authentic and tasty, but the ingredients are also so fresh.  It is amazing to learn that the vegetables on the restaurant table, they grow them at an organic farm. Thai food is famous worldwide. The best place to try Thai food is Thailand. But there are not many of them who grow their own vegetables to cook for their dishes. This restaurant “Baan Khanitha” is that special one.  For me, I am familiar with this restaurant and have been their customer for almost twenty years. Their dish is always clean, safe and healthy as they grow their own organic farm.

Baan Khanitha, Sukhumvit 23, Bangkok

This is the must-visit restaurant in Bangkok. Sukhumvit 23 is the first branch opened back in 1993. The location is very easy to find. You can walk from the BTS Asoke Station or you can just drive here. There are parking spaces at the restaurant.  Many of them are famous dishes.

Stir-fried Morning Glory

Starting from this, it is stir-fried morning glory with chilli. This is one of Thai people’s favourite dishes.

 Stir-fried Bok Choy with Garlic

 Stir-fried Bok Choy in oyster sauce is also a common dish for Thai people. Bok Choy is so fresh as it comes from their own farm.

Stir-fried Mixed Vegetables

Thai people also loves to order this dish, stir-fried mixed vegetables. All vegetables are fresh from farm to table. There are an organic farm about three-hour drive in Khao Yai in the north of Bangkok. It is called ‘Baan Panalai’.

Green Curry with Chicken

This one is a must-try Thai dish. It is called ‘Gang Kiew Wan Gai’ or green curry with chicken. Other than chicken, the main vegetable ingredients are eggplant, galangal, basil and chili.

Southern-Style Yellow Curry with Crab and Wild Betel Leaves

This is a very famous dish called ‘Kaeng Kua Bai Cha Plu’ or Southern-style yellow curry with crab and wild betel leaves. The crab is big and looks so good.

Betel Leaves with Sauce

This is called ‘Miang Kham’, a famous Thai appetizer.  Betel leaves are also used for wrapping all the ingredients into one bite. This menu comes with a sharing dish for all the guests here at the restaurant.

Baan Panalai, Khao Yai, Thailand  

Baan Panalai is an organic farm located in Khao Yai, Nakorn Ratchasima Province, three-hour drive north of Bangkok. This is where the ingredients (of Baan Khanitha) are grown with the best care. They corn trees and pumpkin trees next to each other to save some water and to be more productive.

Baan Khanitha The Heritage, ICONSIAM, Bangkok

 There is also another branch called ‘Baan Khanitha The Heritage’ at ICONSIAM, one of the newest landmark in Bangkok. The Heritage serves authentic ancient Thai dishes from around Thailand.

Thai Chilli Paste with Organic Vegetables

The good menu here is ‘Nam Prik Long Ruer’ which is Thai chilli paste with organic vegetables. It serves with assorted of vegetables. This is authentic Thai taste. If you would like less spicy, you can just tell them but it is recommended to try the original taste.

Tiger Prawns Tom Yum

The must-eat Thai dish is definitely Tom Yum Kung. It is one of the top three all time Thai dishes. Here they use tiger prawns with a lot of Thai herbal ingredients. Those are galangal, lime, chilli, lemongrass and kaffir lime leaves.

Korat Wagyu with Butterfly Pea & Coconut Milk Steamed Rice

One of the signature dish here is Korat Wagyu. Famous Wagyu beef from Korat or Nakorn Ratchasima was specially grilled and served with butterfly pea & coconut milk steamed rice. The blue color is originally from butterfly pea. It is used in many kinds of Thai desserts. Another side dish is called ‘Som Tum’ or papaya salad. Shredded papaya and carrot are main ingredients. It is mixed with string bean and topped up with shredded dry shrimp. The spicy sauce called ‘Jaew’ is also served for sticky rice and the beef.

Gang Liang (Shrimp Paste Soup in Pumpkin Shell)

This menu is not common for foreigners but if you ask local Thai people. They definitely recommend you to try it. It is called ‘Gang Liang’ or shrimp paste soup. They mix spicy shrimp paste into the soup so it becomes a little bit spicy. They use big fat shrimps and Thai herbal vegetables grown at Organic Farm at Baan Panalai. The soup is served in a beautifully carved pumpkin shell.

For Thai local way of dining, we usually have all dishes with steamed rice. At Baan Khanitha, they served two kinds of rice: germinated brown rice and jasmine rice.

Baan Khanitha Cruise I

This is a special moment to be cruised along Chao Phraya River (the main river of Bangkok) on Baan Khanitha Cruise I. You can have authentic Thai dinner in the same time. It is a fantastic cruise experience you should not miss.

Baan Khanitha by the River, Asiatique, Bangkok

You can start and end the cruise experience at Baan Khanitha by the River at Asiatique. Of course, you can have a nice dinner here also.

Moon Glass, Sukhumvit 53, Bangkok

Another restaurant in Baan Khanitha group at Sukhumvit 53 is called ‘Moon Glass’. This one also serves many clean dishes made from organic ingredients from Baan Panalai.

Organic Vegetable Salad from Baan Panalai

Here at Moon Glass, salad dishes are recommended since the vegetables are so fresh and clean.

Baan Khanitha & Gallery, Sathorn, Bangkok

In Baan Khanitha & Gallery on Sathorn Road, this branch is not only a restaurant with Thai style decoration, but also a gallery with impressive art collections from several Thai artists.

Next time when you would like to have authentic Thai cuisine, think about ‘Baan Khanitha Thai Cuisine’. It is definitely your best choice.


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