7 Must-Eats in Sukhothai, Thailand


7 Must-Eats in Sukhothai, Thailand

Another option to come to Sukhothai is by train and Sawankalok train station is where you can find a lot of tasty food. However, if you would like to try more local fancy food, please follow me to the following restaurants.

Meng Egg Noodles

Meng is the oldest food shop (100 years old) in Sukhothai.  Located in Sawankalok area and not far from train station, Meng is famous for roasted pork egg noodles.

200-Year Fried Peanut Crackers

In Sri Samrong district, you can enjoy the Thai local snack at 30-year Lon Silp store. They mix peanuts with wild yams (Gloy) and fry it to make a unique texture and very crunchy snack. The package costs only 25 baht. I had chance to try it once and did like it so much. Well, the texture is really good.

Fried Wonton Phad Thai – Ruen Aharn Thai

This Phad Thai is made from fried wonton (instead of typical noodles) by Ruen Aharn Thai restaurant not so far from the train station.  You can experience big shrimp with tamarind sauce and lime mixture. It is obviously tasty dish you cannot miss.

Uncle Phae Grill Pork and Sticky Rice

Local lives in Sukhothai starts as early as four o’clock in the morning. People usually have sticky rice and grilled pork or beef (wrapped by banana leaves) as breakfast from early market. This is also very unique breakfast for local people.

Ko Dam Sukhothai Noodles

Sukhothai is actually famous for noodles with roasted pork, boiled egg, minced long bean, lime and peanut. It is the must you have to try when coming here.

Krua Sukho

Do not forget to try chlorophyll drink made of young rice and spicy watercress salad here. The salad tastes just like papaya salad with the texture of watercress in it. What a great combination!

Khao Perp – Baan Na Ton Chan

Here, you can experience making Khao Perp by yourself. The way they make Khao Perp is very interesting. You need to put steam through the white fabric to cook all ingredients. I am sure that you would love to try making your own Khao Perp this time. Just ask the cook for it.

Wow, there are a lot of interesting yummy food in Sukhothai area. Please spare your time to try different items other than just the sightseeing and your trip will be all fantastic and fulfilled.


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