7 Must-Eats in Siem Reap, Cambodia


7 Must-Eats in Siem Reap, Cambodia

Prepare your checklist of the following seven items and it will make your trip much more fun.

Prahok Ktis (Crushed, Salted, Fermented Fish Paste)

Cambodian people eat fermented fish all the time, but for foreigners, it might be hard at first. You can have it with side vegetables and with or without rice. But before that, add some lime for some sour taste too.  You can feel coconut milk in it along with fish paste and pork. I think this is interesting dish. Some people may get scared when talking about fermented fish but this is is not that bad, just a bit salty and spicy.

Amok Trey (Fish Amok)

This menu looks just like Thai menu and taste similar.  But for Cambodian, it is only special in Siem Reap. It is made from fish from Tonle Sap River, coconut milk and some spices. The ingredients are put on banana leaf and steam. Finally, the pure coconut milk is added on top. To me, it is not that soft but a little sweet and good with rice.  You can find this menu in any touristy restaurants.

Bobor (Cambodian Congee)

Boiled rice, fried garlic, fish, mushroom and spring onions with a bit of lime and pepper are very good balance to make Bobor. Everybody who loves to cook can do it. It is a very nice and easy breakfast for everyone. You should try this!

Green Mango Salad with Smoked Fish

The fish in the dish is also from Tonle Sap River. They add mango, tomato, carrot and some basil. They add sugar, vinegar and fish sauce for seasoning ingredient. It looks so healthy  and good with rice. You will love its crunchiness and taste.

Art tried this dish at Bong Thom Homestay & Restaurant. It looks very nice. You should do not forget to try sweet and sour chicken, fried vegetable with oyster sauce and stew pork. They have various kind of menu for you to try. Check it out.

Pink Banana

On the way to Phnom Kulen National Park, you will find local pink banana. It is two dollars per bunch. It is soft and it tastes and smells very good.  For me, I think that the taste is a combination of every type of banana I used to have in my life.

Beef Lok Lak (Stir Fried Beef with Local Sauce)

Not so far from pub street you find a nice place called “The Glass House” (Deli Patisserie). It is very beautiful restaurant with yellow arts. The must-try dish you should do is this one “Beef Lok Lak”, the Khmer stir fried beef with oyster sauce, soy sauce and ketchup.  On the top, they put the fried egg which is very unique. Again, you can add lime, salt and pepper for extra seasoning. And do not forget to eat with rice.

 Nom Banh Chok (Khmer Noodles)

You can also try this menu at the Glass House.  It is made from rice flour noodles with chicken curry and they used chopstick to eat. Some vegetables like long bean, carrot, cucumber, cabbage and parsley are also added.

What is your favorite dish so far? Mine is Lok Lak (Pork). Hope you will enjoy some of these dishes and do not forget to pick your favorite one. Rate it 😉


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