7 Must-Eats in Samui, Thailand


Follow me to Samui shops and restaurants:)


In Samui, one of the famous local sweet is this Kalamare.  In English we call it “coconut caramel”. The look is like pyramid shape. At the shop in the shopping alley near Hinta Hinyai, you can find Kalamare in three flavours.  They are original, pandan and black sticky rice flavours. You can add sesame to boost up the taste and texture if you would like to. This is one of the local dessert you should not miss.

Coconut Ice Cream

For Thai people, we called Samui Island “Coconut Island” because it is very famous for coconut and there are many kind of food and desserts that made from coconut. For coconut ice cream, there are variety of special kinds of topping such as peanut, pineapple, banana, pumpkin, sweet potato and sticky rice.  I really recommend these toppings.  They are all locally made here in Samui.

Bai Liang Pad Khai (Stir-fried Liang with Eggs)

Every time Thai people come down to southern Thailand, they always order Bai Liang Pad Khai. In English it is called Bai Liang Pad Khai with eggs and garlic. This is very local food because Bai Liang or Pak Liang is grown in Southern Thailand. You can hardly find it in different parts of Thailand. It is the must-try menu that you cannot miss.

Tom Som Pla Too (Sour Soup with Mackerel)

Another recommended menu is called Tom Som Pla Too or Sour Soup with Mackerel in English. It is also very very local food that you can find it in Southern Thailand. The fish here is Pla Too or Mackerel and it is yellow because the main ingredient is turmeric and another herbs like galangal, lemongrass and many others. They are all healthy food. You can smell some herbs. The taste is quite unique due to its sourness but not spiciness. But be careful for the fish bone. Well, all you can do is just remember the name and you can order it everywhere in Samui.

Deep-Fried King Prawn with Tamarind Sauce

After a long and adventure day in Samui, it is nice to end up your day with dinner by the beach. Sabieng Lay is a great choice. It is a restaurant with a lot of great local food. The one that is the must-eat menu is deep-fried king prawn with tamarind sauce. If you order this menu, it means that you can support the community because the prawns are from fisherman village nearby. And for the tamarind sauce, you can find it in many Thai food such as Pad Thai or any other food. With its sour taste, it is really good.  The dry chill is for decoration but you can simply try it too. The king prawn is very healthy prawn and the tamarind sauce flavour is quite strong.

Wai Kua (Baby Octopus in Coconut Milk)

This is a very very local food called “Wai Kua”. Wai is the southern Thai word and the meaning is mini or baby octopus. Local people called Pla Muek Sai. They put it into coconut soup called “Kua”. That means the soup with small amount of liquid. So it does not necessary to be put in a bowl. Moreover, some herbs such as lemongrass, red onion can be put in to make it more tasty.  You can eat with rice with the smell of coconut milk and stickiness of baby octopus. It is very unique taste that you cannot find anywhere else in Thailand.

Kang Kua Hed Lub (Sea Flower Thai Curry)

This is also very local food called Kang Kua Hed Lub. Kang Kua is the soup with small amount of liquid and Hed Lub is the sea flower that can be only found in deep blue sea of Samui. Hed Lub is the main ingredient and there are also some spice such as chill paste and Yee Rah or caraway leaf as ingredients. This is southern Thai way of making curry. Because of the spiciness, it tastes very good.  Please try it here.


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