7 Must-Eats in Ranong, Thailand (near Phuket)


Tuplee Salapao at Typlee Village

Kra Isthmus is the narrowest part of the Malay peninsula located in Tuplee village, Kraburi District in Ranong. When you are in Ranong, you cannot miss coming here to the district. It is called Tublee. And the famous food is Chinese bun called Tuplee Salapao. The flavours are egg pudding (Sang Ka Ya in Thai), pork and black bean. Tuplee Salapao is soft and can be eaten in one bite.

J&T Restaurant

There are special menus in this restaurant.  Sweet and sour cashew leaves salad is a combination of sweet, sour and spicy taste. There are both cashew leaves, nuts and red onions. Another interesting menu is Yao Yay which is traditional Hokkien salad. The menu composes of morning glory, tofu, dry shrimps, nuts, eggs, sesame and the sauce. They come separately to show you how many kind of ingredients there are. You can mix them all and put more syrup to add some sweet. Other must-eats menus are roasted crispy pork with fermented shrimp, Choon Pia (Chinese spring rolls) and Kraburi River Prawn Tom Yum. This place is 40 years old. You can easily find it in downtown Ranong on Rueng Rat Street.

Kunlin Restaurant

It is just opposite Raksawarin hot springs.  It is very local place for local people. You will get a lot of good food. Let start with fried mackerel with dry shrimp paste. It is the signature of this restaurant. Mackerel can be easily found in Andaman sea. The dry shrimp paste is made by the villager in Ranong. It is definitely a good souvenir for your friends back home. Another must-eat menu is salty boiled Tenalosa Toil with mixed herbs. It was boiled around 8-10 hours until the fish bones become very soft and can be all eaten. The menu is very big portion too. It weighs around 1.2-1.5 kg. Another menu to be introduced is giant catfish spicy soup and baked Liang vegetables with cheese.  At the restaurant, they have rain dolls to chase the rain away since the rainy season in Ranong is about 8 months.

Wee Tiang (Krua Chareon Restaurant)

Another must-eat menu in Ranong is deep fried crap rolls. It was started here at Wee Tiang, but now they change the name to Krua Chareon. This place has been here for 50 years. The original location is on Rueng Rat Street but now they moved a bit further to the outer area. The great grand father generation of the owner has started cooking for over a hundred years. This is another place with many original recipes that have been inherited for many generations so do not missed coming here.  And please try simmered soft-shell crab and fish head soup with taro too.

Kieng Lay Restaurant

Kieng Lay is one of the best view restaurant here to witness the sunset and also order delicious food. The recommended menus are steamed grey Pomfret with soya sauce. Grey Pomfret is usually found here in Ranong and Myanmar. It is famous among Thai and also Chinese Hokkien because it is considered fortune fish. So during weddings or events, they mostly have this kind of fish with soya sauce.  And this fried small shrimp mango salad is very unique fish in Ranong. It is very fresh because every day they get small shrimp around here from the sea. To make it more tasty, they mix it with mango salad mixed with cashew nuts, carrots and lime.

Somyos Paknam (Seafood Restaurant)

They recommend seafood coconut milk soup with galangal. In Bangkok, they normally eat chicken coconut milk soup. But here, they add crab, shrimp, fish and shell. They put lemongrass as well. The seafood here can be guaranteed very fresh as the restaurant is located just opposite Pak Nam or river mouth, a popular fishing village of Ranong.

Cashew Nuts (Ga Yoo) Wimolrat Souvenir Shop

Ga Yoo is the local name for cashew nuts. It is a special kind of food found here in Ranong. They grow Ga Yoo both on the land side and on the islands especially on Koh Phayam. So, you will find it everywhere here in Ranong and they use also the leaves and the fruit itself. The nut (Ga Yoo) is the seed part. You can find original roasted Ga Yoo as souvenir. And nowadays, they have adapted into a lot of versions to make it a variety of snack. In Ranong, you can come to Wimolrat Souvenir Shop to shop for Ga Yoo back home for your friends and family.


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