7 Must-Eats in Phuket, Thailand


   While many people think of Phuket for its world-famous beaches and relaxing resorts, when I think about Phuket, as you can guess, I think about the food and restaurants. There many delicious and unique local menus that I love. I wanna recommend 7 must-try dishes.

Roti with Curry

‘Roti with Curry’ is one of favorite local breakfast menus. At Aroon restaurant, they have various choices of curry like fish curry, chicken curry, and beef curry. The way locals eat is to put curry on roti and Try! The curry is made to eat with roti is not very spicy but tasty.

Moo Hong (Local Stewed Pork Belly)

‘Moo Hong’ is the top dish in Phuket. It looks like pork stew, but they cook pork belly in a local style with very strong Hokkiean influence.  With long cooking time, it makes pork so soft. When you bite it, you feel like it melts in your mouth. So yummy!

Phuket Style Chili Paste

‘Num Choop Yum’ is fresh shrimp chili paste.  ‘Num Prik Goong Sieb’ is a top dish here. It is shrimp paste but cooked with smoked shrimps or ‘Goong Sieb’. Locals always eat it with fresh or boiled vegetable because it’s sour and spicy but very tasty.

Mee Hokkien (Hokkien Noodles)

In Phuket, you can find a local food that Hokkien food. ‘Mee Ton Poe’ is very popular for locals and is at the center of the old town near the clock tower. ‘Mee Hokkien’ is a special kind of noodles. They mix with seafood, meats and eggs.

Mee Hoon Kang Puu with Buer Tod

 Kang Puu is crab meat curry with coconut. It is quite spicy because it’s in the original Thai Southern food style. Local people eat it with rice noodles and vegetables. Buer Tod is Batter-fried freshwater weeds with shrimp. It is made from freshwater weed called ‘Yaa Chong’ in Thai. This is quite special, unique and very local. Let try with special local sauce!

Lo Bah (Deep fried pork organs)

   ‘Lo Bah’ is a famous local dish in Phuket. It is normally kind of internal organs of pig. They first make it a stew and then fried it. Sometimes, it has meat or pork in addition to different organs. They serve with special dipping sauce that is spicy, sweet and sour.

Oh Aew (Jelly and Bean with shaved ice)

   ‘Oh Aew’ is local dessert. The white jelly in this menu is called ‘Oh Aew’. It is made from banana mixed with some Chinese herbs. They also have ‘Chao Guay’ or black jelly and red beans.

These all about Must-Eats in Phuket, if you want to know about Must-Dos and Must-Sees just watching the video in HeyAsean channel on Youtube. Or let get real here, the whole experience of travelling is immersing yourself in the local culture from the food to the people.



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