7 Must-Eats in Phang Nga, Thailand (near Phuket)


Miang Rao

Strolling Takua Pa Old Town, you will find a lot of interesting food and snack.  Let begin with Mieng Rao. They use potato leaves. Then, on the inside, they mix a lot of ingredients together like tamarin, local fruit like yam called Man Gaew, some sugar and peanuts. They wrap with the leaves. They eat it fresh together with fried chilli. It is crispy and spicy. Quite a unique yummy taste.

Look Chok (Local Fruit)

Look Chok is very local fruit only found in Phang Nga province. They made into a lovely dessert. It is not too sweet. It is something like toddy palm. So refreshing. It smells very good and it is quite chewy. So different from other fruits.

Sea Grapes (Green Seaweed, Phang Nga Caviar)

It may look exciting to eat this dish. It can be called green caviar or Phang Nga caviar. This is quite a healthy food found in Andaman Sea but nowadays local people do farming in Phang Nga as well. This kind of caviar has a lot of benefits especially health. It is aim to protect blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes. It is also good for weight loss. For Thai people, they adapt it into a local dish called Som Tam Phang Nga Caviar.  It is like papaya salad or Som Tum. So, you can take portion of the caviar to eat with cashew nuts, carrots, long beans, tomatoes and some dry shrimps. It tastes so good.

Fried Mieng Vegetable (with Smoked Shrimps)

You can visit a good restaurant called Pu Dum Restaurant, Khok Kloi in Takuathung district. The restaurant has been here for 50 years but the chef has been cooking for 65 years. So the food is really good. The best local menu is called Fried Mieng Vegetable (with smoked shrimps). You can find in southern Thailand since Mieng vegetable is only found in southern Thailand especially in Phang Nga. It is quite sweet with crispy shrimp.

Fried Sai Fish with Turmeric

Another recommended dish in Pu Dum Restaurant is fried Sai fish with turmeric. Sai fish is also local fish found around Andaman Sea. It is very yellow because of yellow turmeric Thai herb.  So, it is very good for your health. The taste of the fish is a little sweet and we can eat it all when we fry it even the bones are edible. You can try it with hands. Do not miss it.

Tao Sor Cake 

Phang Nga is well known for its local pastry called Tao Sor Cake. It is Chinese langauge. It was made of flour, green bean, oil, sugar and salty egg.  You can eat with tea or coffee in the morning.

Local Menus from Various Cultures

Phang Nga Noodles, Talad Kwang

In Thailand, you will find a lot of great noodle shops. And here in Salad Kwang, Phang Nga, you can find shops that sell noodles because there are many Chinese residents especially Hokkian. But this one is very special as it is handmade egg noodles. They mix flour and egg together and then they massage the mixture for at least one hour by hand everyday. Then, they cut into small pieces. It is actually softer than the ones produced by normal machines. Finally, the serve it other ingredients like BBQ pork or braised pork with soup and without soup.

Halal Restaurant, Kho Lak

You can try chicken Biryani, Shami Kabab, Naan, Roti and Chicken Tikka Masala. You can say that Phang Nga is another culturally diverse place.


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