7 Must-Eats in Mandalay, Myanmar


7 Must-Eats in Mandalay, Myanmar

Here is the recommendation for the interesting local food in Mandalay for you to enjoy. Bon Appétit!

Chicken Biryani, Chicken Curry & Coconut Rice

Try this menu at Karaweik restaurant that opens from evening time until the next morning.  Chicken Biryani contains a lot of spices. It has sweet smell and taste. You can also try chicken curry and coconut rice. The spices go really well with rice and chicken curry.


It is originally from India but Myanmese modify it to meet the local tastes by making it to be oily, sweet and salty. It contains onion, garlic, mutton and some spices. You can also add some chili or potato. It is looking good, so why don’t you try it?

Mont Di & Mee Shay

Breakfast is a very important meal of the day. Having nice breakfast in a cozy atmosphere will really help you enjoy the rest of your day here in Mandalay. Besides, there are many local places for you to enjoy the local breakfast.

Mont Di & Mee Shay are the real authentic breakfast in Mandalay. For Mont Di, the ingredients are fermented rice noodles, chicken, fish ball and lot of side dishes such as beansprout, coriander, onion and lime. For Mee Shay, it is another kind of noodles with pork, pork belly and chili and pork soup. Please enjoy these unique food in Mandalay.

Myanmar Royal Set Menu

Myanmese uses Duang Lann Gyi (spinning tray) at only one place where you have meal for many years. It shows the special bond and tightness among family members. And it is so special about this. The variety of food in a set menu can be shredded mutton and a lot of curries. Very unique and interesting style and menu.

Local Curries

Please try many different types of local curries. One must-try is Mandalay pork curry which cannot be found at any other places. This pork curry is cooked for nearly ten hours.  And it is good for your health. You can smell some nice herbs too.  Another interesting dish is mango and chicken with shrimp paste called chicken mango curry. This one is distinct from other type of curries as well.

Dim Sum

Mandalay people wake up early to worship Buddha. Later on, they have big breakfast. At Yoon Khin Khin restaurant, they serve Dim Sum influenced by Chinese residents. Try fresh BBQ pork Pao. Also, try dipping your Dim Sum with tomato and chili sauce for special taste.

Shan and Tai Local Food

Shan State is the area where one ethnic groups called Shan people inhabit the area. They fry the pork and vegetables in different styles. They also use bamboo shoots as a characteristic of Shan. All menu are to be eaten with rice.


Are you hungry now?  Do not forget to enjoy this list of local food for the completion of your stay in Mandalay.


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