7 Must-Eats in Mae Hong Son, Thailand


7 Must-Eats in Mae Hong Son, Thailand 

Thai Yai have had a large influence on the cuisine of Mae Hong Son, which is a combination of Shan and northern Thai cooking. They also have Yunnan food. Mae Hong Son is certainly not a culinary destination, but the food is unlike anywhere else in Thailand, and Mae Hong Son is probably my favorite province to eat in. There are 7 recommended menus that you must try here.

Yunnan Noodles

Yunnan noodles is the most popular menu in Rak Thai Village. They have little rice noodles and put some vegetables, minced pork, and tomatoes. But the unique thing is that they put boiled egg onto the noodles. You can put some spices on like dried chili or Yunnan style chili oil. They also have ‘Meng’ or fried egg noodles. Let try because it must-eat!

Khao Sen

This is similar to ‘Khnom Jeen’ in Bangkok but it’s Tai Yai style. They call this menu ‘Khao Sen’ or ‘Khao Sen Nam Tai’. The ingredients are pork, tomatoes and garlic. When you want it spicy, you can add chili powder and lime if you want.

Thua Pooh Sing

Thua Pooh Sing is tasty to eat any times of the day. ‘Thua Pooh’ is ‘Tofu’ which make from soy bean. ‘Sing’ means delicious’ in Tai Yai language. All together mean delicious tofu. You have to dip in the special sauce that is made from tamarind and a little bit of chilis.

Peng Mong, Alawa, Suay Thamin

Peng Mong, Alawa, Suay Thamin are ‘Kanom Tai Yai’ or ‘Tai people’s dessert’. It’s OTOP in Mae Hong Son. There are many kinds of Kanom Tai Yai. ‘Peng Mong’ or ‘Pae Mong’ is a cake that is made from flour and sugar.  Suay Thamin is made from sticky rice and coconut milk. Another one is ‘Alawa Joong’ that is made from flour. ‘Alawa’ is dessert while ‘Joong’ is mixed. Inside Alawa is coconut milk and sugar.

Khang Pong

‘Khang Pong’ is herbal menu. This dish is made from mixed herbs with garlic, onions, lemongrass, and chili. The taste is a little salty and spicy. They have special sauce for these fried vegetables called ‘Ajad’. It is made from cucumbers, onions, chilis, some nuts and tamarind.

Khoa Som and Jin Loong

Khoa Som and Jin Loong are sour rice and herbal pork balls. Khoa Som is very local food. It’s Shan or Tai style. That is rice and inside is local tomato sauce not that one from the supermarket. They eat with long beans and some fried dried chili. ‘Jin Loong’ is pork with herbs inside. In Tai language, ‘Jin’ means pork and ‘Loong’ is ball. When you eat, you will feel the herbs.

Fried Frog

Fried garlic frog is quite common here for Mae Sariang people. They eat frogs. Not only do they have fried frogs, but they also have frogs with soup like Tom Yum frogs. They put some garlic and sweet basil leaves. They always eat with chili sauce.

These all about Must-Eats in Mae Hong Son, if you want to know about Must-Dos and Must-Sees in this province just watching Hey!Asean Channel on YouTube.Or let get real here, the whole experience of travelling is immersing yourself in the local culture. You should try local food here because the food is so unique and tasty.


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