7 Must-Eats in Lampang, Thailand


7 Must-Eats in Lampang, Thailand

When you get in Lampang, do you know where to eat? Variety of Lampang food is presented below.

Thin Thai Coffee

At Thin Thai Coffee, you cannot miss Thin Thai Coffee which is the mix of Latte and Thai tea and whole wheat bread. Also try stir-fried chicken with Thai spicy basil as breakfast.

Sai Oua Pao Toa Luang

Here, you can have Lanna style breakfast such as charcoal grilled spicy sausages and crispy  pork skin dipped with chili paste called Nam Prik Noom. The other signature dishes are Lab Tao Luang (spicy minced pork salad), omelette stuffed with ant eggs, Hung-Le curry (spicy northern style soup).

Ka Ki Nung

For dinner, try Ka Ki Nung restaurant in downtown. They recommend fried fish topped with spicy Thai herbs, fried soft shell crab with pepper, fried shrimp with yellow curry and Ka Ki Nung Tubtim (red tilapia) fish salad. Yummy!!!!

Khoa Tan Thani

When you are in Lampang, you have to try local snack. Khao Tan is herbal rice crackers. They come in many flavors for only 40 baht per box. Especially at Khao Tan Thani, they put the watermelon juice during production process to make better taste. Try it.

Runway Kitchen

Since it is near the airport, they name it “Runway Kitchen”. The special dishes are tasty fried river prawns with tamarind sauce, stir-fried green cos, vegetables with Nam Prik Ong (northern Thai style chilli paste) made from fried pork.

Ocha Wattana

Try set menu which are seaweed soup, duck and pork Pa-Low (Thai herbal stew), fried pork with oyster sauce and Chinese kale with oyster sauce. Another special menu is Shanghai sausage. Come in early as they close at 3 PM.

Milk Cake

Another recommended downtown cafe is called “Milk Cake”.  Checking in before leaving the town. It is so nice.

I am getting full being fulfilled with loads of good food now. I am so sure that I will not miss these places when in Lampang next time.


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