7 Must-Eats in Kuala Lumpur& Malacca, Malaysia


Nasi Lemak

This is traditional local dish for breakfast. It is the best you must try. The rice cook with pandan leave and coconut milk. It is around with dried shrimp paste, boiled egg and chicken rendang. Rendang is like curry mixed coconut milk with local herbal ingredients. They always serve with cucumber, anchovies and side dishes; pickle, carrots and cucumber with Cajun sauce. This sauce is made from gravy and peanut. You commonly find the sauce with different styles in different shops in KL.

Halal Food

Indian Muslim food is very famous in Malaysia. Roti Canai is my favorite dish. You can eat with chicken or fish curry. Other famous menus are Honey Chicken, Nasi Biryani, Mataba beef that they always eat with side dishes and fresh vegetables. Papadum is fried flat flour that you can eat with curry or eat only. Teh Tarik is special drink for today. Halal food is also serve in fine dining restaurants. Mee Goreng Mamak is Malay wok-fried noodles. It is made from yellow noodles, fish cake, and then squeeze with lime. Oxtail Soup or Sup Ekor in Malaysia Nyonya Curry Laksa are also famous.

Chicken Rice Ball

Not far from KL, we drove here to Malacca to try the local recipe of a very famous dish “Chicken rice ball”. There are two kinds of Chicken; one is stem and one is roasted. My friend told me that this kind of food can find easily in Jonker street. This shop is very special because rice ball.

Nyonya Food

Nyonya is a mix heritage with Chinese and Malay. There are many popular dish. Let start with ‘Ayam Pongtay’. They cook chicken, potatoes and mushrooms together. It’s good for everyone because it isn’t spicy. ‘Mee Siam’ has vermicelli, egg, cucumber and then lime for squeezing. It may be related to Thailand. ‘Taukua Rojak’ is Fried bean curd (tau kua), cucumbers and pineapples topped with rojak sauce. You can mix with chili if you want. ‘Mee Rebus’ is yellow noodles topped with curry. It’s thick. Before eating, you can throw some chili, some lime and eggs. This one have pineapple, prawn and coconut milk. It’s called Pineapple Prawn Curry or Udang Masak Lemak Nenas in Malaysia. Cendol is one of famous sweets. They have brown sugar, coconut milk, red beans, crushed ice and  sagu.

Char Siew Wantan Mee with BBQ Pork

Wantan Mee is made from yellow noodles, barbecue pork and some vegetable topped with black sauce.This one is a typical dish for everyone in KL.

Loh Mai Kia (Sticky Rice with Pork)

This dish name in Cantonese is Loh Mai Kia. It’s glutinous sticky rice with pork. They have a good presentation.

Bak Kurt Teh

Chinese herbal soup or Bak Kurt Teh is very famous in Malaysia. It’s pork ribs cooked in herbal soup with mushrooms and tofu skin. It smells very and seem like many herbal ingredients have been put in here. They also have pork leg soup that eat with garlic and chili. They have soy sauce and thick black sauce to eat with this dish.



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