7 Must-Eats in Krabi, Thailand


7 Must-Eats in Krabi, Thailand

As you know, Krabi is the perfect holiday destination in southern Thailand. Food here is fresh products from local farms and fresh seafood from the sea in Karbi. The locals do a great job of adjusting and creating their own flavors by using Thai herbs, spices and more to make each menu delicious. There are 7 Must-Eats that we recommend.

1.Khanom Jeen Nam Ya Pla

Khanom Jeen Nam Ya Pla or ‘Rice Noodles with local fish curry’ is quite spicy. The ingredients of this fish curry are coconut milk mixed with fresh local fish. And put some garlic, chili, turmeric to make it yellow and a little bit of shrimp paste to make taste really good. Local people always eat this curry with plenty kinds of vegetables and some dry fish called ‘Ching Chang’. You can try this menu in local market or even in fine restaurants in Krabi.

2.Hoi Chuk Teen (Sea Snail)

This should-try local menu is popular because Hoi Chuk Teen found just only in Krabi from Ao Nang area. It must eat with seafood sauce; mixed some chili with garlic, lime and fish sauce. You have to use the toothpick to pick the snail out and dip with seafood sauce. It’s so yummy.

3.Kang Som Pla Gao (Local Spicy Red curry with fish)

Kang Som in Thai means sour curry or sour soup.  Pla Gao (fresh local fish) with bamboo shoot soup boils with turmeric to make it yellow, shrimp paste and chili.  Sometimes, southern Thai Kang Som is usually referred to as Kang leung, which translates to yellow curry.

4.Seaweed Salad

Khao Kwang Seaweed salad is the special menu because this seaweed is only found in Koh Klang, Krabi. Just like other Thai spicy salad, they have a lot of herbal ingredients mixed with some lime, chili and added squids and shrimps. It sounds like a healthy food.

5.Local Roti

It’s so amazing, there are many kinds of Roti here such as chocolate, banana chocolate, and the special one is mango roti. Local crispy roti that puts some chocolate and sesame looks wonderful and tasty.

6.Seafood Tom Yum

Tom Yum is the very famous menu for tourists. ‘Seafood Tom Yum’ means mixing fresh seafood meats like fresh shrimp, seabass and squids into Tom Yum soup with herbal ingredients. It’s quite healthy and must-try menu.

7. Seafood Pad Thai

‘Pad Thai’ is the one of Thailand’s national dishes that originated after World War II.  The special is that Pad Thai sauce with tamarind, in this authentic southern-Thai recipe, the sourness comes instead from a combination of rice vinegar and lime juice. Before eating Pat Thai, don’t forget to squeeze the lime.

These all about Must-Eats in Karbi, if you want to know about Must-Dos and Must-Sees in this province just watching Hey!Asean Channel on Youtube. Or let pack your bag and travel to Krabi. You will like spicy and tasty local food here.


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