7 Must-Eats in Hoi An, Vietnam


7 Must-Eats in Hoi An, Vietnam

Have you ever tried local food of several hundred years old? You can find it here in Hoi An. Not only beautiful and unique scenery of the World Heritage Ancient Town, but also provide tourists with special and delicious local food. Because the ingredients are fresh and secret recipes of local people, they create many must-try menus in Hoi An.

Banh Mi (Vietnamese Bread)

Banh Mi is the Vietnamese word for ‘bread’. ‘Bread’ or specially the ‘Baguette’ was introduced by France during the colonial period in Vietnam. However, unlike the traditional France baguette, the Vietnamese baguette is made with rice flour along with wheat flour. The ingredients normally include steamed or roasted pork belly, Vietnamese sausage, grilled pork, pork liver, fried egg, vegetables like carrots or cucumbers, and tomato sauce.

White Rose Dumpling

From the 150-year-old restaurant, now the owner of this restaurant is the 4th generation. You have to come to eat this recommended menu ‘White Rose Dumpling’. ‘White Rose’ is from the shape of cake look like a rose with white color. Inside is shrimp with a bit of pork fat, peanut oil and bean sprouts and then steam them. This only one place to make this menu, every day, they are making about 8,000 to 10,000 of this. Dipping with fish sauce from anchovy, chili, kumquat, dried garlic and dried onion.

Banh Dap, Che Bap

‘Banh Dap’ in Vietnamese means ‘Smash Pancake’ in English. It’s made form rice. In the middle, it’s wet rice paper. Outside are two rice crackers. As the name, when you eat, you have to smash it. There are two dipping sauce that you eat with.  If you want to eat like dessert, you should eat with sweat corns and palm sugar sauce. Another one is special fish sauce.

 Cao Lau

Cao Lau’ is a mixture of many culinary cultures. They mix sticky rice with ash burned from herbs. When you eat that, you can taste smoke. The second thing is the water to produce the soup. The water is taken from the water well. They put pork with lemongrass, and soy sauce and salad-lettuce, lemon-basil, and mint tea. The last thing is rice crackers. When you eat, you mix everything together.

 Chicken Rice

Chicken rice is special menu because it’s a special ingredients and recipe only found in Hoi An. The ingredients are quite unique. They use ‘Rao Rum’ that is a local vegetable. And then, they use papaya and some onions. Instead of just plain rice, they use fried rice. When you eat it, you will feel fresh herbs and vegetables.

 Quang Noodles

‘Quang Noodles’ is one of the must-eat menus in Hoi An. ‘Quang’ is from ‘Qusngnam’ which is the traditional noodles here. It is made of rice flour. They put some meat, shrimps, pork and some rice crackers. They put special underneath. It’s so yummy when you squeeze some lime before eating. You can add some chili or pickle and mix everything together a bit.

Cau Mong Barbecue Veal

‘Cau Mong’ is the name of small village in Quangnam province where Hoi An is located. This village is very famous for this kind of menu. First, veal is the meat of young beef of less than one year old. The local people say that it tastes very nice. Second is special rice flour that made from red rice. They have a lot of vegetables like banana, mango, cucumber, lettuce, and some others. They mix fish sauce, ginger and sesame to make a special sauce.

These all about Must-Eats in Hoi An, if you want to know about Must-Dos and Must-Sees here just watching Hey!Asean Channel on YouTube. Or let pack your bag and travel to Hoi An. You will love traditional and special local food here.


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