7 Must-Eats in Danang, Vietnam


7 Must-Eats in Danang, Vietnam

Danang is a food lover dream. With insanely delicious and affordable food options, there are many kinds of local food that you can try in Danang during day and night time. Various types of fresh raw materials, a lot of vegetables in recommended menus and fresh seafood. They have unique local and traditional food that you must try. Here, we offer 7 Must-Eats in Danang.

Quang Noodles with frogs

Noodles with frogs is really special in Vietnam. It was quite a little scary the foreigners, but it’s so tasty. The soup is from the pot where they steamed the frogs. Then, they put additional ingredients like ginger, and some chili to make it tastier. For eating, local people put some vegetables on and some rice noodles, and then use spoon or chopstick to get the frogs out and pour some soup over.

Rice Paper Rolls with Pork

In Vietnam, local people eat a lot of vegetables such as lettuce, cucumber and bean sprouts. Firstly, you have to get one thin layer and stick one thick layer on it. Next, put the vegetables on and put pork and put some vegetables on again until you feel enough. Rolling it and dipping it in anchovy fish sauce.

Fish cake Noodles with soup

‘Fish Ball Noodles’ or ‘Fish Cake noodles’ is local noodles that they made from fish or called ‘Bun’ in Vietnamese. They add tomatoes, lettuce, bean sprouts, lime, chili, shrimp paste, and red onions. All ingredients and seasoning make this soup a little sweet, but not spicy.

Beef Patties

Vietnamese sausage made from beef. Local people warp it with banana leaves, and then steam it. They also put some peppers inside. Before serving, they unwrap, cut off and put it on plate. Local people usually mix this sausage with garlic and pepper, but sometimes they eat with rice. In winter, they made it into small pieces to put in rice soup.

Danang’s spicy snail

It’s very local dish that you must try once in life time. ‘Spicy snail’ or ‘Oc Hut’ is given name by local people. They mix spicy snail with papaya, mango, and some coconuts. They have special way to eat it. You should distract a layer and then eat the one inside (see the VDO).

Clay Pot Rice

Clay Pot Rice with a lot of things to eat them together is a traditional meal in Vietnam. They cook rice longer in different way. They also have special way to eat it. They use flat chopsticks as the device to get rice out the clay. Then, put some rice in the bowl as much as you can eat.

 Local seafood

As you know, Danang is the coastal city, let try fresh local seafood. There are many seafood menus. First recommended menu is special sea food salad with jelly fish made with some herbs like mangoes, carrots, and tomatoes. Second menu is Fried Squid with butter, garlic and chili. The last one is steamed clams. It’s common dish for local people.

These all about Must-Eats in Danang, if you want to know about Must-Dos and Must-Sees in this city just watching Hey!Asean Channel on YouTube. Or let pack your bag and travel to Danang. You will like traditional and tasty local food in here.


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