7 Must-Eats in Chiangrai, Thailand

7 Must-Eats in Chiangrai, Thailand
Besides the magnificent scenery of nature, many attractive places to visit and more interesting activities,trying local food here is the best part of your journey. There are many kinds of tasty local food because Chiang Rai is not far from Yunan. Some menus is influenced by Yunan. These are 7 Must-Eats that we recommended to try.
Khao Ram Fuen
This menu is a local food from Chiang Rai and especially from Mae Sai district.
It’s staple food here, you can call this ‘Rice Jelly’. There are different kinds of rice jelly which depend on the kinds of nuts they made of. They put rice jelly with local tomato sauce or apple sauce. Ann then putting tomato soup, vegetables, sesame, and peanuts. It’s vegetarian food.
Sun-dried Yunan Beef 
At Jin Lai Soon restaurant, very famous restaurant for locals, you can try delicious Yunan food here. Sun-dried beef is local Yunan food. We normally eat it with rice. It looks like sun-dried beef in Thai style but it’s thinner.
Spicy Yunan Tofu Salad 
In Yunan, they used tofu in a lot of menus. This dish is called ‘Spicy Yunan Tofu salad’. From their secret recipe, they mix tofu with special sauce and chili-oil Yunan style. Local people always eat with rice and use chopsticks.
Herbal Chicken Soup
Another recommended menu is herbal chicken soup with Goji berries is called ‘Gao Gee’. Herbal Chicken Soup is healing menu influenced by Chinese food. It is used to treat a wide range of illnesses. The special ingredients like Goji berries and Snow fungus help boost blood circulation and restore your energy.
Braised Pork Legs and Steamed Chinese Buns
A must-try menu is ‘Steamed Chinese Buns’ or ‘Mun Tow’ in local language that are usually served with braised pork legs with Chinese-styled herbs. Moreover some local people like the fired version of the buns as well.
Khao Soi Nam Ngiew
‘Khao Soi Nam Ngiew’ is different from Khow Soi in Chiang Mai that normally chicken and coconut milk soup. This  menu is no coconut milk and it’s pork. Normally, you eat with this side dish; pickles and red onions. To make it more tasty, you have to squeeze the lime onto it before you eat.
Local Ice Cream
Coconut and green tea ice cream is famous here. But in Thailand, there are a lot of local style toppings such as ‘Sarim’ or the colorful little noodles, corns, ‘Chao Kuay’ or black jelly, and some peanuts.
If you want to know more about Must-Sees and Must-Dos here just watching Hey!Asean Channel on YouTube. Or plan your own trip to visit Chiang Rai once in your life time. You will enjoy local life, magnificent scenery, and good local food.


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