7 Must-Eats in Central Chiang Mai, Thailand


7 Must-Eats in Central Chiang Mai, Thailand

             From fresh and good ingredients, many kinds of local food are unique and tasty in Chiang Mai. Not only can you find great local food in traditional style, but also some places offering local food in the fusion style.  We have recommended 7 menus that you must eat here.

Khanom Jeen Nam Ngiaw

Khanom Jeen Nam Ngiaw is the menu which you can mostly find in Northern Thailand. ‘Khanom Jeen’ is rice noodles. ‘Nam Ngiaw’ is the special soup with pork and pig’s blood. They make this soup in local way. As you know every time when we eat Thai food, they give us some vegetables and lime. You can squeeze the lime in. It will make the test much better.

Khao Soi

If you don’t eat Khoa Soi, it likes you aren’t in Chaing Mai. Khao soi is a must-eat here. It is yellow noodles with beef, chicken in traditional local soup with coconut milk. You can order this with look chin or meat balls as well. Don’t forget to add some lime, pickle cabbage and some red onions. Mix it in and then, give it a taste!

 Sai Oua (Northern Thai Sausage)

Lanna Sausage or Northern Thai Sausage is called Sai Oua.  This menu is never got old. There are many recipes that passed down from old people. It makes the taste is different from place to place. It is mostly made of pork, but some chicken and rarely beef. You have to eat with chili and garlic to make it tastier. You can buy Sai Oua back home at Talad Waroros or Waroros Market.

Chilli Paste (Num Prik Noom & Num Prik Ong)

Num Prik Num is made of grilled green chili and spices. Local people eat this with ‘Cap Moo’ which is ‘Fried Pork Skin’. They have special way to eat (watching the video). Another chili paste called ‘Nam Prik Ong’. There is pork, tomatoes and some other spices in it. You can eat with sticky rice (Khao Niaw in Thai) and some vegetables.

Hung Le Soup

Kang Hung-Le or Hung Le Soup in which you can order in many restaurants here is a Northern Thai curry dish. Kang Hung Le Moo is made of pork belly or the leg of pork. Nowadays, some chef in fusion restaurant decorates Hung Le in different style but still tasty as traditional one.

 Kua Khae Kai

Kua Khea Kai is very traditional Lanna food. You cannot find in any shop or restaurants. It takes a lot of time to prepare and is very delicious. ‘Khae’ is tha name of main vegetables of this menu. Normally, the northern people eat ‘Kua Khae’ and put some chili in it. Be careful when you try it.

 Kang Toon

Another very traditional Lanna dish is ‘Kang Toon Goong Sod’. ‘Kung Sod’ is fresh shrimp. ‘Toon’ is traditional vegetable which we can find around here in Northern Thailand. For the Northern Thai food, they have a lot of red onions, garlic and chili. Local people always eat sticky rice.

If you want to know more about the attractive places and interesting activities here watching Hey!Asean Channel on YouTube. Or plan your own trip to visit Chiang Mai once in your life time. You will love local life, beautiful architecture, magnificent scenery, and good local food.


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