10 Must-Eats in BANGKOK’s CHINA TOWN, Thailand


Steamed Rice Noodles with Toppings (ก๋วยเตี๋ยวหลอด)

Welcome to Yaowarat, China Town in Bangkok, Thailand. It is where all good food are presented. Please follow the 10 must-eat items in town below. Well, let’s start with this first shop for Steamed Rice Noodles with Toppings with the price of 40-50 Baht. It is called ‘Chow Fun’ in Chinese or ‘Guay Teaw Lhod’ in Thai. There is also ‘frozen squid’ in it to make good texture and taste. This dish, the rice noodle look like a straw in China but it is like a strip in Thailand. It can be found everywhere, but here in Yaowarat, it is very famous. The dish scores 4.33 out of 5 by reviewers.

Mango and Sticky Rice (ข้าวเหนียวมะม่วง)

The price is about 50-100 Baht. It might be small portion but it is worth to try other dishes in Yaowarat also. Put sticky rice in your mouth first, followed by mango. They will blend together nicely in your mouth. It is always good with coconut milk on top. It is so good. You can find this dish in China too but the taste might be different. The total score for this dish is also 4.33.

Fish Maw Soup (กระเพาะปลา)

Try Fish Maw Soup at China town for 50-100 Baht. It is similar to what they have in China but cook differently. It is boiling hot. Chinese also eats it hot like Thai does. Here, they serve it with crab meat and vegetables such as coriander, spring onions and beansprouts. At Yaowarat, they sell a lot of Fish Maw Soup. Chinese loves to make soup from it for 3-4 hours. It is good for your health. You will look better with brighter skin. This time, 40-Baht Fish Maw Soup bowl can be found here. We usually put Sour Black Vinegar in the soup. It makes the soup tasty. In Chinese, the Sour Black Vinegar is called ‘Shu’. Chinese people love this a lot. The reviewers rate it 4.33/5.

Som Cheng Juice (นำ้ส้มเช้ง)

The fourth stop for food this time is for 40-Baht Som Cheng Juice. They also have pomegranate juice if you wnat. Som Cheng Juice is so special that it is made from a kind of orange. You can hardly find this anywhere else, but you can find it here in Yaowarat. The juice stall is in front of Hotel Royal Bangkok. Let’s taste it when you visit here. It is sweet. The total score is 4.

Chicken Rice (ข้าวมันไก่)

You should try one dish of rice with boiled chicken mixed with fried chicken.  It is 40-50 Baht. The dish is very popular in Thailand. If you choose both types of chicken, you had better try different sauces. For boiled chicken, the sauce is made from garlic, chilli, lime and soya sauce. Sauce recipe will be different from place to place. For chicken rice, the sauce is the key. For fried chicken, the sauce is the combination of sweet, sour and spice. This dish was rated at 4.33.

Rice with Curry (ข้าวแกงกะหรี่)

Many people drop by this shop, Mr. Tall’s Curry, when they come to Yaowarat. At the beginning, it was on the opposite side, Now, thy have many stalls by the same owner. They have curry with beef, pork, chicken and fish balls. This is real street food with only 40-50 Baht. Reviewers give it 3.67.

Guay Jub (Chinese Roll Noodle Soup (ก๋วยจั๊บ))

The name of this famous shop is ‘Guay Jub Nai Lek (Auan)’. This Guay Jub with crispy pork belly and pig’s tongue is about 50-60 Baht. It is a popular dish for Bangkokians. Some people eat it almost everyday, mostly in the morning. Apart from Yaowarat, you can find Guay Jub in many places in Bangkok. After the first spoon, it will go mushy. (Laugh) You will love it anyway. Besides, the pepper small is really good and strong. Well, this shop scores 4 out of 5 totally.

Steamed Prawns with Grass Noodles (กุ้งอบวุ้นเส้น)

It is the eighth shop now. Here, they cook it fresh for you a the sauce gets into the meat very well. This dish costs you 100 Baht. It is worth to try it though. It smells so good and very delicious. Very good value for your money. So, do not miss this dish. It is rated at 3.67 out of 5.

Chinese Dessert – Shaved Ice (นำ้แข็งใส)

Tao Tung Boay Kia is dessert of Taochew Chinese People.  It costs about 50-100 Baht. It consists of lotus seeds, lotus roots and gingko. This tastes like longan juice. Bird’s nest is also included. In Chinese, we can say this ‘Then Ping’ which means ‘Dessert’. This scores 4/5. They even have Alipay for your convenience, by the way.

Stuffed Bread (ขนมปังไส้ต่างๆ)

This is the tenth shop, the last one. The queue is always long. Waiting in the line is not that long. Yet, we need to fill out the queue ticket. Bread is not expensive, only 15 or 20 Baht. They say crispy outside, soft inside. You can write what flavour and how many you want. You can choose different flavours from chocolate to Kaya (pandan custard with a taste of salted egg). Do not forget to put your name on it too. And here they are! Bread from the shop named ‘Very Delicious Bread Shop at Yaowarat’. It is served hot and the smell is so good. The bread is not only soft, it is a little crispy on the outside too. If you can finish this tenth shop, you will be happily full. It is delicious in the same time though. Well, this one scores 3.67/5.


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