Thailand’s Hidden Gem: Sakon Nakhon


Welcome to Sakon Nakhon, Thailand’s Northeastern town famous for Indigo Fashion.   This province has an old Christian Community with beautiful colonial buildings. It’s only about an hour flying from Bangkok to Sakon Nakhon. This trip, I have my friend from Indonesia ‘Imela Kei’ who is a singer and songwriter.

Lert Ros Kaikata

So we are at a local restaurant where we have our first brunch experience in Sakon Nakhon. It’s a quite popular place called ‘Lert Ros Kaikata’. This is first time of Imela. She’s so excited.

Wat Phra That Choeng Chum

This is one of the main attractions here. It’s ‘Phra That Choeng Chum’. Phra that is where we keep Buddha relic like ashes of Buddha. So, we normally keep under the stupa you see here. Yeah! the tall one. In northeastern Thailand, a lot of places will find stupa.This one is the most beautiful one.

We’re going to go inside before that we have to take off our shoes and all the visitors have to dress appropriately.  If you wear shorts, They have traditional clothes for you to borrow for free. And you can wear before getting in. This is called ‘Sinh’ which is one kind of local fashions.

Wow! It’s really great.  I am so amazed about design and the structures, the paintings. This is high northeastern style arts. You look at the pillars, they use the cold gold.

Kham Hom Sakon Nakhon (Indigo Fashion)

This one is  beautiful, how can you say beautiful in Thai? Sauy. How do you feel about this type of clothes? This is actually similar techniques back in my hometown in Indonesia. I mean some areas in Sumatra, Sulawesi. Those two islands that had these techniques it’s called ‘Tie-Dye’ but the different is they don’t use indigo. So this place is indigo, it’s a natural color. This one is so beautiful that I should have.


Imela is s fashionista that why I intended to bring her to Sakon Nakhon to show her that indigo products made by local people here have international standards. We dropped by ‘Kamsakon’. A place is not only an indigo fashion store but also a cafe and a workshop venue to demonstrate how to create this natural dye cloth by ourselves.

We are in Indigo Natural dyeing workshop today. We can create patterns of the cloth by ourselves. Wow! It’s so excited.

Pha Kam Street (Indigo Fashion Walking Street)

Art, where are we, tell me? This is ‘Pha Kam Street’. It’s opened only on weekends; Saturday and Sunday from 2.00 P.M. until 8.00 P.M. only. It is located near Phra That Choeng Chum. It’s the whole street where we can shop for indigo fashion. I think we’ll get something ready so that we just go explore. This market is so special because it’s like everyone gathered together to sell the same.

Now, it’s called ‘dusk time’ which is good because there’s little reflection. It’s beautiful light on the temple. Yeah. I like the front part because it’s so majestic.

There are many Indigo Fashion Shops in Sakon Nakhon such as Sinee Kram, Kram Hug, etc. Right now we have finished shopping in one more shop, but we’re heading to take photos somewhere in Sakon Nakhon follow us.

The Rae Village (Catholic Community)

I brought you here to Tha Rae Community because it’s historic old village over about I think 1884. The Vietnamese, they moved here to settle down. They are Christians, so this village people are Christians. You see old churches over there; historic Building or colonial style buildings. I think is really good location for photos. It’s true. And we dress up with indigo fashions. Yes, it goes along well together.

Lotus Memorial Park

Lotus Memorial Park is located opposite Nong Han Lake and is part of Kasetsart University Chalermphrakiat Campus in Sakon Nakhon. The park was built in 2010 as the collection and learning center of Lotus species as well as a recreational area for the public.

It is regraded as Thailand’s largest Lotus Park. Here, there are bike for rent with affordable price. Their surroundings are like movie scene so beautiful. How come I just discovered this place.

I am so glad to be able to show my friend around this small charming town; Sakon Nakhon. I am sure that we will be back.


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