Thailand’s Hidden Gem: Ranong


 Welcome to Ranong my hometown! This is where people who love pure nature and healthy lifestyle will fall in love with. Let listen to the rhythm of the nature together.

Ranong Canyon

I love morning exercise and today I was so glad to bike over here to Ranong Canyon in Hat Som Pan area. This place is and old mine filled with natural water. You can see the beautiful reflection of the surroundings in emerald colored water. It is just a short bike ride from Raksawarin hot spring.

Khlong Hat Som Pan Reservoir

From Khlong Hat Som Pan which means a water source for tap water production. We cannot produce enough water for local consumption, therefore Khlong Hat Som Pan was built. The Impressive thing is now we have the most stunning route for biking.

Old Home Stay Chillax Valley

On the way back to Raksawarin hot spring, I stopped over Bann Hat som Pan in local village to research for homestay options for my next visit to Ranong. I found an interesting place; an old wooden house was adapted to be an accommodation with simple bedroom and living areas. It’s so charming. I love this slow lifestyle and thinking of bringing a lot of friends here.

Raksawarin Public Park

Punyaban waterfall is a familiar name to Ranong people. Now it’s a resting spot for both Thai and international bikers. I have even met people who bike from as far as Singapore.

Night Walking Street

 The Walking Street Ranong is opened on Saturday (5:00 PM – 9:00 PM). This market has great variety of food, live music, sea shells, clothes, plants and many other things to see an buy. When you travel to Ranong, don’t worry if you don’t carry cash as visa is widely accepted in many stores here.

Pornrung Hot Springs

I just finish soaking in the hot spring here in Ponrung hot spring and then we came to cold nature water in the same area. You can hear the sound of the flowing water. I think the sound could relieve some stress you have from working the city. If you want to spend time in beautiful green space, Ranong is really cool.

Bann Nai Mong Treehouse

Young entrepreneurs in Ranong have great ideas of creating place to stay overnight from local material with simple decoration but with a chick style. Guests will feel like they’re waking up each morning in a real forest. Here at Bann Nai Mong, you will hear the sound of flowing water all the time as there is a stream nearby. A group of friends can enjoy playing guitar and singing in front of their own rooms.

Bann Rai I Arun

Another place to experience  slow life is in Kapoe district ‘Bann Rai I Arun‘. This place consists of many wooden houses but the design is trendy. If we look at a bird’s eyeview, we don’t see many other buildings around. Staying here you will see just trees and sky from your own bedroom. They also have organic farm where they grow their own vegetables for cooking food for their gas.

Mrs.Swan Villas

Ranong also has accommodation for lovers like here at Mrs.Swan. It is not far from the beach not far from a restaurant or from the lighthouse pier. Now Ranong is the great option for honeymooners.

Keinglay restaurant 

If you want to enjoy sunset and seafood, this place is the best choice. All dishes were with the freshest of seafood and cooked as well as presented to perfection. Recommended menus here are Steam gray Pomfret with soya sauce and fried small shrimp with mango salad.

Farm House Hotel

I chose to stay here in downtown on Reaung Rat street because I can walk to many local shops and some attractions like Rattanarungsan Palace. Local experience that you cannot miss is to try local Ranong food. The food is not only very tasty but also very good for your health. Most vegetables are locally grown such as Leang vegetables, Goot vegetables, and Marum vegetables. Their eggs are very fresh because they are sent straight from local farm, so you will find several egg dishes like Thai omelet, steamed egg and fried Leang vegetables with egg. There is a signature dish called onsen egg which is soft boiled egg in local hot spring water. People who love their health will definitely love Ranong.

Khoa Tom A-Pae

This shop is the famous restaurant for dinner for both locals and foreigners. It is located in town on Reaung Rat road. There are many shops and hotels on this road. We just stopped by and ordered many menus to eat with boiled rice or rice. This first one is boiled chicken with sauces such as classic soybeans sauce. This one is streamed pork ripped with sweet sauce in Ranong style. This one is salted eggs spicy salad and some adding; ginger, chili and dry shrimp. This one should be internal organs like  pig intestine. Sterfried sweet pickle turnip with egg is recommended menu.

Ranong street food stalls

Ranong also has many street food stalls for us to enjoy at night. Popular local shops sell tofu drink and local dessert. The test is great.




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