Thailand’s Hidden Gem: Phatthalung


Welcome to Phatthalung a small town in southern of Thailand where the nature is amazingly beautiful beyond many people’s expectations.

Phatthalung for me is like a painting that turns into reality. Like a heaven on earth were all living creatures around this serene water land have lived together for centuries. Under this beautiful blue sky, I can feel Happiness. This trip is so special because I have invited my friend ‘Touly’ a single and model from Laos a culture ambassador for her hometown.

Pak Pra

It’s just a wonderful morning. It’s worth waking up early to see something like this. Not only sunrise but we saw ‘Yok Yo’ or Giant Fishing Net as well like background. So together is better unique seem like sunrise unique experience.

Some part of it, I see and feel like a painting. I saw like this in the painting but today I see it in real life. It’s so wonderful. It’s really nice. I never knew it before this is my first time as well. Cork tree or Lumphoo that villager around here grew some years ago is so beautiful.

Thale Noi Waterfowl Park

The atmosphere in this morning here is so amazing. Every place here is so calm and quite and very peaceful. Now we are at the rice field by the lagoon. There are many buffaloes here we called them ‘water buffaloes’. They live around here and there are many kinds of birds. They are in protected area for wildlife that why we saw many of them.

Sea of Lotus Flowers

I am now amidst millions of pink lotus here in Thale Noi. This is an amazing place to visit. This is real natural wonder and weather is so nice this morning. It’s a clear sky day and so peaceful not many people at all. We see a lot of wild animals especially birds. Many types of birds here is so indescribable.

Rice field Over Water

Here we are at rice field on the water. Probably, this is one of the few places in Thailand or in Southeast Asia that they grow rice over the water. The waterway is a vest area mixed water between seawater and freshwater. They call it lagoon but the view to here is of course amazing. It’s my first time here and I’m so impressed.

Wetland Camp

A wonderfully quite place to stay right on the lake shore. The view from the balcony is incredible.

Tai Noad Retro Maket

‘Tai Noad’ means under the palm tree. It is opened only one day a week; Sunday. The market owner is the big brother of a S.E.A Write Award Writer ‘Kanokphong Songsomphan’ but he passed way for 10 years ago. He was inspiration for his brother to create this place. You can see a little museum here with a lot of books.

People come here for food because they have many kinds of food.They have around 200 shops about 80% is food. They have live music and ‘Manora’ performing Art of Southern Thailand.

Pa Pai Sang Suk (Bamboo Forest Market)

The market owner is Auntie Kwanjai. She told me that this place used to be like bamboo forest. They grow bamboo here about 41 species. This place is a weekend market on Saturday and Sunday but more shops open on Saturday. There are a lot of food shops. People like come here, enjoy and take photos. It’s not too hot coming in here because the bamboo is really high. There are many spots for photos as well.

Varni Southern Wickery

Today, I brought Touly to see how they produce local handicraft from ‘Krajood’ or local water plans. It’s a local plan grown around here in Phatthalung. It’s a kind of plant similar to papyrus. They get it from the water and made it into different kinds of handicraft products. It’s kind of handmade and fashionable. This place second generation of the owne now. He is a designer. He designs different types of Krajood to local market and they export to many other countries like Sweden, France, Japan. They love this kind of product in a good quality. Its price is reasonable.

Napokae Rice Learning Center

Do you know that the main occupation for Phatthalung people is rice farmers. Here, they grow a lot of rice many types of them. Napokae rice learning center is for local people for visitors about how to grow rice here or how plow, how to harvest. They use buffaloes here. ‘Napokae’ means Ancestors’  or grandfather’s Rice Fields. When people come here, they can learn about culture and do some activities. There are many photo spot as well.


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