Thailand’s Hidden Gem: Nakhon Si Thammarat


Welcome to Nakorn Si Thammarat Thailand’s ancient town with long history and pure nature.

Wat Phra Mahathat Woramahawihan

I’m delighted to bring you here today. Wat Phra Sri Mahathat is the most review of religious place in Nakorn Si Thammarat not only for Thais but our foreign friends always come here. I just saw the map in the front. This temple looks really big. I heard that it’s very old around over 1000 years ago. It was selected by UNESCO to be the World Heritage site 2012. Our late King Bhumibol came here 5 times.

Suchart Supsin Shadow Puppet Museum

Suchart Subsin is Thailand’s National Artists 2006 (performing art). ‘Nang Talung’ or Shadow Puppet is a performing art in Southern Thailand. Now bing preserved as culture heritage for next generation. I myself was very impressed today to learn a lot about shadow of puppet. I’ve seen it for a long time. I never been here and never be in backstage. For Touly, she saw this show in televisionm many times but today she got good experience with this traditional performance.

Baan Laem Homestay

We are at Baan Laem Homestay which is the good model of other home stays in Nakorn Si Thammarat. When visitors come here, they can stay for two days three nights. They have packages for visitors. Visitors can have a lot of activities. Normally, villagers here will take us to the sea like with the boat and then we can get like all the sea food meat like crabs, prawns, mantis shrimps, squids, and everything. They also have mud spa because sea around here has a lot of mud. We can take the mud to cover us from head to toes and then it’s good for health and very fun but more than that we got a lot of great seafoods.

Tasting Great seafood

Have you seen something like that before? I have seen of course seafood but these put in the real big tray. It makes me starving.  We got blue crabs; in Thailand we eat a lot of blue crabs. This is we called soft-shell crabs. You can eat everything because it’s really soft. We have many kinds of squids but this one is octopus. This one have you seen it. It’s called mantis shrimps. And this is mangrove, we take the leaf and we fried it. It tastes really good. This black rice is ‘Sea Mud Rice’. We get the ink from squids. Last but not least is ‘Spicy Catfish Curry’. We eat  a lot of spicy curry in Thailand. We put the catfish which grow around here in this one.

Kiriwong Village

Welcome to Kiriwong village; the village with the fresh air in Thailand! Baan Kiriwong is said to be the village with the purest air in Thailand. It is surrounded by part of Khao Luang mountain which is abundant with various kinds of plants. There are a local shop selling local products here. You can enjoy shopping, too.

Mandy Nok Hotel

Another impression for me is the place we stay. It’s centrally located and I’ve never known before this hotel full of arts. I mean everywhere lobby, cafe, walkways and bedrooms. There are over a hundred and eighty painting of Ajan Chalermchai Kositpipat Thailand National Artist. Here is definitely a place for art lovers.

Watching Pink Dolphins
Do you believe it! Thailand has dolphins watching not gray dolphins, they are mostly pink dolphins. You can find them around here in Khanom because there are lots of little fishes that dolphins come to eat. Why pink because there are old. Newly born dolphins are gray then gradually turned pink when they become old.

Pancake Rock

Pancake rock is in natural wonder; many layers of rock make them look like a a pile of pancakes. Looking with your own eyes, it’s really beautiful. Pumpuang’s stage is named after Pumpuang Duangjan; Queen of Thai country music.

Fresh Water Pond, Koh Nui

Koh Nui Nok is a tiny island with a freshwater pond. There’s a statue of Luang  Pu Thuad or a revered Buddhist monk who lived in Ayutthaya period. Local people believe that when he stepped on seawater here, it turned to be freshwater

Khanom Canyon 

Saun Ta San

Saun Ta San is full of green. It’s a shedding space where local people come to enjoy fish spa. This place is truly relaxing. I can stay here all day.

Khanom Beach

 By the Gulf of Thailand, this is the east part of southern of Thailand. Here we are at Khanom beach. Wow! It’s so beautiful. It’s so surprising me ther aren’t many people here. But it’s very peaceful and beautiful. There are many accommodations along the beach and not expensive at all. If you can see from far, you can see Samui island from here. It’s really easy to come here just only one hour from the airport. It’s good place for recharge yourself.

Vish Hotel & Cafe

You know I love boutique hotels and I was happy to stay in this new small cozy place. The style of this hotel is simple yet trendy. Staff members are friendly and it’s a short walking distance to the beach.





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