Thailand’s Hidden Gem: Kalasin


Welcome to Kalasin Thailand northeastern province that is mix of trendiness and ancient heritage as far as dinosaur era. We’ll get to know Kalasin together in this episode.

Pha Savoey

‘Pha Savoey’ which means dining cliff is meaningful to Kalasin people as King Bhumibol came here in 1955 and had lunch over this cliff that’s why it’s called ‘Pha Savoey’.

Huen Kalasin

For lunch today, Auntie Toom of Huen Kalasin is very kind to be our host. It’s a great atmosphere here at Huen Kalasin. We’re having lunch now with local Thai Northeastern  food or Esan food. Look what do we are having here a lot of thing like Somtum.

Of cause we have two styles today. Somtum or papaya salad that is a little bit spicy. This is Thai style and we have Laos style with fermented fish as well.This one is Lrab or Spicy Salad with Minced Ta Pien fish which is a local freshwater fish here and Herbs.Fried chicken and northeastern style sausages and we have to different types of soup. This one is Pickled Bamboo Shoot soup with chicken which is quite unique.This one is Wai soup; Wai is local plant grown around here and they use one to cook together with pumpkin and bamboo shoot. So we gonna enjoy our lunch today.

Huen Kalasin is a collection of Esan or Northeastern style houses. All of which are made of wood and half floor lifted from the ground. The green color of surrounding grassland with the blue color of the sky very beautiful.

Prae Wa Mae Neung

Before we’re heading to nice cafe downtown, we dropped by here to shop for Kalasin well-known products; Prae Wa cloth or Prae Wa silk. Patterns of Prae Wa are similar to Kip Esan. The main pattern is usually a diamond. There are many nice color to choose from. In this digital age, we can simply use QR code for payment very convenient.

Cafe de’ Supak

It’s quite hot today, so I brought you to here like legendary bowling of a Kalasin. This place actually was the hotel since 1982 and the lower floor was adapted into cafe that look so chic like a lot of corner to take photos. It’s very nice. They even have ice cream corner over there. We order a lot because we’re hungry. They have a bakery like this one waffles with coconut ice cream. In Thailand, we eat a lot of coconut. We have bread with butter and sugar, banana, or cheese if you like. This is Taro cake or chocolate.

This one is so special. It looks like okonomiyaki but it’s not. It’s ‘Khoa Jee’ ball which is staple or local food here inside is fish sausage. It looks so yummy. And drink here, I have caramel Macchiato. Mine is very unique that has three colors. Because in Thailand, apart from like normal milk sometimes we eat pink milk. And we use some kinds of herbal ingredients; butterfly pea on the top, so it’s blue color. Oh, it’s beautiful. Before mixing them together, you can try each layer. That’s different. Sometimes my friend love ordering this; Green tea mixed with Kuffir lime. In Thailand, we use a lot of Kuffir lime not only in hot plate but in drink as well.

Today, I met ‘Stewart Blagg’ friend from UK of live in Kalasin. He met a girl and got here. He has been staying at Supak hotel for two months. He fly back and forth to UK every three months. says that he loves everything in Kalasin. It’s quiet, pretty and serene. He is very happy.

RiceMill Market 

Are you hungry? Yeah. I brought you here at RiceMill Market or Talat Rongsi in local language. So, this is like collection of food shops. There are a lot of shops that you can enjoy at night. Almost shops sell local food but some shops sell normal a Thai food.There are some live music going on open until midnight. There are many photo spots that we can enjoy. Here, there is a cozy place for us to sit in and taste fusion food in Kalasin style. Let’s enjoy the food together.

Bann Phon Phrae Wa Weaving Group

This is how they make a silk; Phu Thai Pattern. How long does it take to weav cloth for 2-meter long? About 2 months. So one month for one meter, wow! This is where we can shop for local fashion products.This rectangle pattern is like the uniqueness of the style of Phu Thai texture.

I brought you here to Bann Phon Silk Village because this is the original place of their unique fashion in Kalasin. This place is supported or under royal patronage of our queen. The queen came here in 1800 and 1980.

They create a lot of patterns originally from ethnic group called ‘Phu Thai’. They came from Laos over 200 year agos and created this pattern of textiles. It’s so beautiful and has a lot of history. There are a lot of accessories for girls. For guy, a fewer pieces but also many pattern on the top and the sash, salong is a little bit colorful. So, we can adapt some of it to today outfit.

Sirindhorn Museum

Sirindhorn Museum is the complete and largest meseum and research center about dinosaurs in Southeast Asia. It is the first dinosaur fossil museum in Thailand establishing for the puposes of study and research fossils preservation and geological tourism. Now, it is opened to the public. Princess Sirindhorn presided over the opening ceremony of the museum back in December 2008. I nver know before there were such an international learning center like this in Kalasin. Visitors can be not only students but everyone it is suitable for all family members. Lots of things to learn, I was very impressed

Museum Laboratory

Wow! look at this place quite intersting is like we are in the movie Jurassic Park. It’s the whole collection, right? Yeah. I never knew before there was such a place in Kalasin. This is kind of really well managed museum. It is amazing and very interesting place in Kalasin. I think is the best museum of this kinds in Thailand because they have found seven full bodies are up one type of dinosaur which is so big. It’s like 15 to 20 meter long that we saw. This one was name ‘Sirindhorna’ which is named after our princess. There are about nine types of dinosaurs found here.

Phu Kum Khao Dinosaur Site Museum

Several years ago here at Phu Kum Khao, Prakru Wichit Sahussakul the abbot of Wat Sakkawan found dinosaur fossil. Department of Mineral Resources researchers were cavaed that fosisils later and found that Phu Kum Khao is the complete herbivore dinosaurs site in Thailand. The fossils discovered our prime evidences for study and research and can be used as a world class references.

Rimpao Hotel

I was lucky that my local friend introduced me to to Rimpao Hotel as this place has welcomed many VIP guests  with complete facilities many conferences have been held here. Beadroom are large and decorated in contemporary style. Another legendary hotel in Kalasin.

Downtown Kalasin

Here, we are walking on road in downtown Kalasin and here is a formal movie theater. There are some spots of graffiti where we can take photos. Starting from this one with a dinosaur selling movie tickets. Ok. Let’s take some photos you stand over there near Kalasin. In downtown Kalasin, there are many spots where you can enjoy taking photos especially taking photos with garffiti and old bulidings you can be creative as much as you want please enjoy.


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