Soneva Kiri, Koh Kood, Trat, Thailand

Welcome to Soneva Kiri. Soneva Kiri is located on Koh Kood (Kood Island), a tranquil hideaway in easternmost part of Thailand. ‘Koh Kood (Kood Island) is Thailand’s 4th   largest island. It is located in Trat province where are many beautiful private resorts.  Trat is not only full of 52 beautiful islands, but it is also famous for being a place of tranquility. Travelers around the world choose to come here to hide away. At Soneva Kiri, it truly is a paradise. There’s everything you could ask for – Luxury villas. Infinity pool. Magnificent view. White sandy beach. Delicious food. Friendly staff. And Chocolate Room! The rule here is ‘No News, No Shoes’. So, let’s leave the busy world behind, and enjoy your time!

6 Bedroom Sunset Ocean View Villa (Asia’s Most Luxurious and Private Accommodation)

We’ve got our own gorgeous private villa. It is really big villa with six bedrooms. Really amazing. You can see the infinity pool in front of the villa. This is on the west side so the sun sets over the sea in front of the villa here. It’s really beautiful.  There is an area for friends to hang out. You can have your own food and drink and chat with your friends in the morning or at night. You can enjoy swimming, viewing the sun and great scenery. All around is decorated with wood with ‘no shoes’ concept so you can walk barefoot. Total area of the villa is 2,928 square metre. Up to 16 guests can stay here with 24/7 personal butler service.

Master Bedroom with Access to Private Pool

Around the bedroom, there is also a small pool that you can enjoy. The bed is decorated with mosquito net. It is typical Thai way of living. From this bedroom, you can access to a private pool and a slider. The slider is from the upstair room for family with kids. There is also separated bath room for kids. With the beautiful view, you can see many islands from here. So, you don’t have to go anywhere. Just enjoy your time. In this master bedroom, the nice working station is provided.

Walk Through Dressing Area (Amidst the Nature)

Continuing from bedroom, you can walk through a toilet and a changing room. The separated dressing room with two bedroom sinks and towel hangers with tropical style decoration is also provided nicely. Toiletries, tissue papers, soap, lotion are all included.

Bath and Shower Rooms

There are three bathrooms. The first one is an outdoor shower that you can bath with the sun and stars. You do not have to worry if anyone will see you because it is quite private. The second one is a big outdoor bathtub. You can feel close to nature bathing in this wide area. Just say hi to the sky anytime of the day. The last one is the indoor shower room which connected to the dressing area. It is also a nice private one.

Relaxation Areas

This is community area for your group to hang out by the pool. You can enjoy working, chatting, reading books and drinking tea or coffee. Such a happy time for families and friends. Happy time for families and friends

Large Living Room

Apart from six bedrooms, there is living room for you to enjoy time together. There is also a changing room with a bathroom next to it. Everything is decorated with wood. So, you feel very close to nature. There is a shower room with glass wall that you can enjoy the view outside.

Large Balcony

This is the big balcony on the upper floor.  From here, you can enjoy overlooking the beautiful sea, coconut trees and the infinity pool and any activities you want. The sun sets by the sea in front of the villa. It is so special on the clear blue sky. By the way, walking on the barefoot on the wood make you feel good as it sends some positive energy to you.

Small Living Room

The mix and match colors of yellow and green is presented in this room. The colors of natural wood and the cushion are pretty. You can make a library here as long as you stay. There are a nice round table and empty shelves for books as ‘No News’ is also an advice to guests. So, it is better to stay peacefully and relax with your own books and nature.

Little Porcupine

Walking barefoot leaves the sand on your feet so you can clean them up before entering the room with this porcupine. It is cute and creative this way.

Spa Treatment Area

Spa and massage therapy in your own villa is a great experience. But if you prefer, they also have spa station separately outside the villa.

Outdoor Recreational Area

Main construction material for Soneva Kiri is bamboo. The front and back sides are full  with trees. The recreation area is good for families and friends. It is nice for three-generation family. The kids can enjoy come here and play in the evening time when it is not too hot. You can spend time one week or many days here. You don’t have to go out since they have everything for you. And it’s really private.

Games Room

There is a snooker table with a connection to the infinity pool. You can enjoy hanging out with friends.

Fitness Room (with Table Tennis Table)

This is sports room. There is table tennis table in the fitness room.  Just to have a good time exercising in your own villa to stay fit during vacation time.

Close to Nature and Walkway to the Beach

There is the way down to the beach. As guests are encouraged to walk barefoot while in Soneva Kiri, you can go to the beach barefoot also. The private parking space for the buggy is not for from the villa.  Guests have their own carts to commute around Soneva Kiri. They also have butlers for you. They are called ‘Mr. or Ms. Friday’. They help you everything during your stay here. There is also another Seaview room down close to the beach. You can switch to stay in this room sometimes if you would like to.



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