7 Must-Dos in Yangon, Myanmar


7 Must-Dos in Yangon, Myanmar

Mingalaba. Welcome to Yangon, the sacred land of buddhism. Please allow yourself to try the following activities for a fun stay in Yangon.

Ride Yangon Circular Rail

Start your day at Yangon Central Railway Station. Built in 1954, Yangon circular railway is the local commute network that serves Yangon metropolitan area. Operated by Myanmar railways, these 39-station loop system connect downtown with proximity area. It takes about three hours to complete the loop. It is a great idea to take a ride and witness the local lives of people here. There are many commuters everyday as it is the cheapest method of transportation in Yangon.

Try Thanaka

Thanaka is from tree bark rubbed on the stone surface. And water is added to make a good liquid mixture for your face. It is really good for your skin and make you cool in such hot weather. Do not forget to put it on your face once you are here.

Shop at Bogyoke Aung San Market

You can buy local souvenirs here. You can get national and ethnic Longyi for both men and women here too. The pattern with the square is for men while the one with flowers is for women. By the way, as Myanmar is really rich in national resources, you can have any kinds if gems such as jade. They come with green and other colors such as vintage color.

Experience Tea Culture

Local people normally come to restaurant during tea time for hot tea. You can have it with some snack too. Another way to experience local tea culture is to get in a boutique hotel or a tea house. In Myanmar, they grow tea in Shan State. Normally, local people drink tea with local desserts. They call it “palm jaggery”.

Stroll around Kandawgyi Park

In Yangon, there is large relaxation area called “Kandawgyi Park”. Most locals come here in the evening to observe another angle of gigantic Shwedagon Pagoda. You can see the pagoda amidst water from far away. Also, you can see Karaweik Palace, a unique architecture where they have a show at night. Additionally, you can see magnificent view here and it become very beautiful during sunset time.

Watch Cultural Show & Enjoy Food at Karaweik Palace

This place is special that on the outside you can see traditional architecture and on the inside you can enjoy the entertainment. But the most special one is all-you-can-eat international buffet that the serve international food for example Vietnamese spring rolls, eggplant roll, Thai papaya salad, Japanese soba noodles, Singaporean Laksa, and some local menus such as tea leaves salad and local pastes to be eaten with rice or roti. The pastes are for example, tomato and peanut gravy, Mandalay powder chili, black bean paste in peanut oil. Here if you give them your day of birth, they will give you Myanmar name. Interesting, isn’t it?

Observe Local Life at Botahtaung Harbor

At Botahtaung Harbor area, they are famous for Botahtaung Pagoda.  This is the harbor for the locals to cross the river to work in the morning and go back home at night. This place used to be a main port for Yangon but sooner they are going to move it to other place. People sometimes come here to relax and see the beautiful sunset.

What do you think about the must-do in Yangon? There are variety of activities to do, right? Hope you enjoy your must-do here and come back for more soon.


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