Chill Out & Fun at Chanthaburi, THAILAND


Chanthaburi is one of the charming coastal cities in the east of Thailand. You can travel from historical waterfront community, quiet beaches to a beautiful waterfall in 1 or 2 days. There are many interesting places and several exciting and fun activities here.

Roaming around Old Town Chanthaboon Waterfront

The community won the Asia-Pacific Heritage Award from UNESCO. In quiet and beautiful old town, you will see antique Sino-European row houses, including many built well over a century ago during Chanthaboon’s days as an important trade centre. It’s a beautiful architecture walk thanks to the mix of Thai, Chinese, French and Vietnamese styles.

Not only unique heritage building, but there are many local food shops on this street as well. You can stop by local snack shop or tastes fresh Salak that growing here. This city is good for a cat person like me because you can meet a cat as a merchant.

Staying at Baan Luang Rajamaitri Historic InnThis historic Inn is modified historical building. Now, the gorgeous 150-year-old house is a museum featuring historical documents in English and Thai among antiques and old photos on the ground floor. The rest of the building serves as a “historical inn” offering well-equipped rooms and river views. In the concept, “10 rooms” from “10 legends” throughout the life of Luang Rajamaitri.Today, we stayed in ‘Green and Red Gems room’ or ‘Ploy room’. Most importantly, red and green gems are the popular local jewels in Chanthabui and essential to the economy because they have built up a reputation for Chantaburi nationwide.You can see beautiful river view from the room corridor and have yummy local breakfast set that you can choose. In early morning, you can buy local food and snack to feed monks in front of the hotel. The receptionist tells me that five monks walk pass every days around 6.30 A.M. to 7.30 A.M.

For more information, you can visit or call 088-843-4516,081-915-8815

Visiting The Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception of Chanthaburi

It is also known as ‘The Catholic Church Chanthabui’  took over 300 years to complete its construction. It’s first built in 1711. Later, it relocated to its current location in 1834. Subsequently in 1903, the old church was replaced by the present bigger Gothic style building because of the growing Christian community in the area. It is one of the biggest Catholic churches in Thailand and represents the Roman Catholic Diocese of Chanthaburi. Please dress properly. There are also light decorations at night on important days of the year.

For more formation, you can contact 039-311-578.

Learning about gemstones at Asia’s largest Gems and Jewelry Museum

Gems and Jewelry Center of Chanthaburi located on Maharaj road is the center of knowledge and trading sources of gems and jewelry.Starting with watch movie in the small theater about history of gems and jewelry Industries in Chanthaburi, you can walk and spend time in Live museum with many interesting exhibition about story of Gems, Gems product processing from digging to selling. In trading areas, you can buy ring, bracelets or necklaces. This center opens daily between 9.00 A.M.- 5.00 P.M. including holidays. No admission fee.For more formation, you can contact 039-303- 118.

Experiencing  culture and local wisdom at Saun Paglaeb

Here is another orchard in Chanthaburi. Visitors can watch the process of planting and experience fruit farmers lifestyle. Moreover, you can help them make durian chips. It is my first time. Before the processing, I have to put gloves on and wear hair cover. I make it from putting the pod in automatic slicer to packaging them for sell. They have many food processing such as durian chips,  durian cake, fruit snacks, fruit candy. They don’t add preservative in their products that is guaranteed by Good Food Quality Award.In addition, they have dry Chanthaburi noodles or ‘Sen Chan’ in packaging with special sauce for making Pad Thai and ‘Kang Moo Cha Muang’ or ‘Pork Curry with Herb Chanthaburi Style’ in can.

For more information, you can contact 086-834-9604.

Visiting Bao Ploy Lek Petch Community Learning Center
Located in Amphoe Tha Mai, Bo Ploy Lek Petch Community Learning Center is a place where you can learn about gemstone mining in a traditional way. Before beginning the gems hunting, you should change your dress to a ready to be dirty one.  If you don’t have the dress for changing, you can borrow it from the learning center.
This is my first time to experience gemstone mining in a traditional way. I am so excited.The process begins with climbing down the ladder into a pit, 2m. deep for children and 4 m. deep for adults.Then scoop up soil from the pit, sift the soil to find gemstones.Wash dirts out of gemstones and selecting the gemstones. At the end, you’ll get the gem that you found as a souvenir.
There’s a small coffee shop where you can get cold drinks after spending about one hour in the sun. You can take a short walk to see the fruit farming, a 100 year-old house, and buy gemstones and jewelry at a shop there. I would suggest you to come here in the morning because it won’t be too hot.
Open: Daily from 10.30 to 16.30.
Fees: 100 baht/ person (Child age under 15 years old is free of charge)
Please make a reservation with the learning center in advance.
Line :@baoploy_lekphet
IG :baoploy_lekphet


Spending  time at Phlio Waterfall National Park
It is such a beautifully maintained and organized park. The nature trail helped us work up a sweat before hitting the falls and pools. Lots of locals just enjoying the scenery and having a good time.
 You can swim or have fish spa with the barb fish. They are totally friendly. This is fishy paradise and nature walk. Great way to spend a mellow afternoon and get some good pics!
Nearby are a small pagoda and a pyramid ‘Phranang Reua Lom Pyramid’ built by King Rama V as a loving memorial to Phra Nang Chao Sunanthakumarirat, his first consort, who died in a boat accident.
Opening Hours : Daily from 08:00 AM. – 06:00 PM.
Contact : Tel. 039-434-528
Doing fun activities at Oasis Sea World
At Oasis Sea World you can enjoy seeing dolphin shows, swimming and taking photos with the dolphins. There’re 2 Thai dolphin species here: Pink or bottle-nose dolphin and Ira-wadee or big head dolphin. They can kiss your cheek for photo taking. So cute!
Other activities are feeding giant groupers, feeding fancy calfs or relaxing with fish spa.
More information:
Line Id:oasisseaworld
Open: Everyday from 9.00 A.M. – 5.00 P.M.
Stay by the sea at Chanchaolao Beach Resort Chanthaburi
 This is a boutique resort at Chaolao Beach where you can be harmonized with beautiful sandy beach, crystal clear sea, vivid shallow coral reef, and romantic sunset scene.
Chanchaolao Beach resort is resort which offer you the private, friendly and relaxing atmosphere decorated with modern style which blends harmoniously with delightful natural surrounding.
You can enjoy tasting many yummy fresh seafood menus here.
More information:
0-1809-0548,0-1735-4212, 0-7940-2888
Volunteering to save the sea at Sea Farming Demonstration Unit in Kung Krabaen Bay
We visit Sea Farming Demonstration Unit. This is one part of Kung Krabaen Bay Royal Development Study Center. The center was founded in 1982 and is responsible for studying and researching the natural ecosystem in order to find proper ways to develop the coastal area in Chanthaburi Province.
Today, we released young shrimps to the sea. It is a good way to to increase number of shrimp population in nature.
You can see and do some cool things such as releasing crab eggs from the parent crab to re-release into habitat or making artificial oyster houses or making artificial coral for fish.
Taking nice shots at Noen Nang Phaya View Point
Noen Nang Phaya View Point is in Amphoe Na Yai Am, about 30 km. from Amphoe Muang. It is one of the most popular places in Chanthaburi.
Driving along Chaloem Burapha Chonlatit, the most beautiful street of the east, you can enjoy the scenic view of Khung Wiman Beach on one side and the mountain view on the other side.
That’s all for this 3 days and 2 nights trips of us. See you soon.


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